Feb. 20, 2009: Season 1, Episode 1

26 02 2009

Hi, I know it’s not February 20 anymore, but for this blog it was the conception of an idea. It has taken me 6 days to pen thoughts to blog. This is not real time.

The short end of it is, Molly was packing up her desk and she said, “This is sad”. I replied, “Oh my gosh, this is like on The Hills when Whitney goes off to NY and Lauren is saying goodbye to her in LA! Except I am Lauren because you’re leaving me and you’ll be making more chedda than me.” Molly was an intern, like Lauren was, and I had been around this sensible block for 7 months. Regardless, our characters were juxtapositioned and she left me. She left me thinking…I should write a blog about my life in The Villes. Why is Asheville near Burnesville and Weaverville and Hendersonville?
So here I am, writing a blog about my “new” life in Asheville. New is such a relative term, I have been living here since the end of June 08. It just sunk in–I live here. Granted, I am from Charleston, another magical place where there is some beat in the city to chase…and detoured to Clemson, Go Tigers! So from here, I may travel in retrospect to some stories of yesteryear. I did write a blog in 08, but that died when I took vacation leave from my job called life, or lack thereof–some call it “unemployed”, and went to California and Hawaii. Essentially, it was a major turning point in my existence and I just haven’t caught up to recording my life story. My other blog was weak sauce anyways because I was dissecting emotions and figuring out my niche in the neighborhood of life.

I hope to improve on communicating my thoughts, sharing my stories, and touching a nerve with someone in the great open. Life here ain’t no beach, but is it really ever??




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