I came to tailgate, inside/outside, now/later, NO MATTER WHAT!

28 02 2009

I had planned on it being sunny in Clemson. To no avail I woke up to rain, fog, precipitation. All of it. Regardless, I had a list.

  1. Go to the dealership, get the oil changed, and rotate tires.
  2. Get a spare key to the condo cut for the realtor.
  3. Wake CP up.
  4. Find Michael.

Needless, to say I just about did everything. I am sitting here waiting on CP to return from Fike (the gym facility on campus) and Michael to wake up. I’m working up quite the appetite and thirst. Pulling into Clemson is a great feeling because it’s only an hour and half from where I live. It is my personal neverland because few things cease to change. The feeling is somewhat nostalgic, but also as if it were my own hey day and I had never left. Sure not many friends remain, but having the luxury of coming back and it still being the same is great! Newsflash: there is a Bojangles in front of Bi-Lo. It’s about dang time. Over and out, 10-4, 9-er…I’m off to have copious amounts of intoxicating libations and I probably won’t reprieve all day. I def don’t get enough of this in the “real world” or my “day job”.  This is nice. Cheers everyone and GO TIGERS!!!!




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