sunday reflections

1 03 2009

I woke up to sounds of the sky dumping the ocean on our ears. I mean it has been raining nonstop for however long. I woke up on CP’s couch with a stolen blanket and a pile of laundry. I can’t even begin wrapping my head around everything we did and everywhere we went. Old haunts like Tigertown Tavern and Loose Change, Wingin’ It and 356. I can’t wait for the Spring Game and some MTV’s at the Esso. That is meat and three’s if you were not aware.

My inside source has an inside source that said Kyle Parker maybe starting, instead of Willy Korn. Drama, super drama. Stay tuned to see how that unfolds. 🙂 My source just interjected that rando fact as I am sitting here typing this entry.

On another note, it’s March! 2009 seems to be getting better and better for me. I will be 24 in 18 days, I am not particularly pumped or fearful. Now I am collecting my thoughts to work and thinking that I need to:

  1. Pitch Nashville media
  2. Pitch DC media for Capitol Hill Tech Day
  3. Prepare questions and schedule interviews to create podcasts
  4. Start sifting through news clips for this month’s report
  5. Get details ready for upcoming events in TX and TN

Ughhhh…it never ends. I feel like I can never catch up. Well I am hoping to get the biggest bowl of noodle soup at my favorite little hole in the wall in Greenville. Then head up Hwy 25 back to Asheville.




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