Stuck in a tough place

16 03 2009

Again, I have hit a point where I am stuck. Stuck in a weird situation, in a place that does not feel like home, with a job I love and adore. But everything can’t be perfect. So I suck it up and say “Thank God I have a job” and hope the rest becomes bearable. Asheville is a place I can enjoy, but living here lacks mental stimulation and anything that is remotely similar to Charleston. I said it, “Charleston is my home and I have come to love it.” I mean I was doing laundry in my complex facility and someone up and jacks my detergent. I am assuming another or the same culprit wanted to use my dryer as well leaving a finicky piece of pink thread to knot all of my clothes together and thus rendering them wet. I mean I am cutting thread in over 12 places that has 20 items in the most awful fashion connected to each other. I was not missing thread from any of my clothing. So imagine my despair on a Saturday night cutting pieces of pink fuzzy wuzzy from a huge ball containing articles of my clothing.

Sinester Fuzzy Wuzzy

Can anyone feel me?




3 responses

16 03 2009
Ashley Sue of Green Grounded

heaheh Oh the pain! I’m telling you what, it is actual agony when you are in a town that you feel like doesn’t get you, you don’t really get it, and then it feels like the Universe (or just the town itself) starts picking on you. Bah! I surrender! heahe Ian has a theory that AVL spits some people out… Maybe you and I are two of those people?? I’m interested to see where both you and I are a year from now. 😉

16 03 2009

I have heard Ian’s theory and I agree. We can cut it here, but it doesn’t feel right. Work is the only joy in my life. So there’s a silver lining.

16 03 2009
Brett Borders

I live in a Colorado town that is a lot like Asheville in some ways (Boulder) and I can relate to feeling like it’s not “home” for sure. What I don’t like about where I live is that it’s yuppie and snobby – people are cordial but they’re not really “friendly” or “nice” like Southerners are to most people.

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