24 Things

19 03 2009

On the contrary, of a birthday of receiving, this is what I have given back to the universe in the development of 23 to 24.

  1. For my “birthday dinner”, I gave a friend a beer as a toast to her camaraderie and gratitude for her listening ear.
  2. For my “birthday lunch”, I gave Happy some of my lunch from Doc Chey’s.
  3. For the bitterness in my heart, I gave my friends grief.
  4. For the solitude in my mind, I laid hurdles down for those who chose to meet me half way.
  5. For the sadness in my soul, I gave the world less than 100% of myself.
  6. For the tenderness in my life that often comes from solid hearts and good people, I turned a cold shoulder.
  7. For the the frustration on my mind, I gave a sharp tongue.
  8. For all of the things that will not give back to me, I expended all of my energy.
  9. For all of the foolish things I can’t go back on, I give a step forward.
  10. For all the barricades I have built, I greeted new friends.
  11. For the sake of getting by, I faked a smile.
  12. For the sake of getting over it, I am reintroduced to myself.
  13. For the sake of being thankful, I am truly humbled.
  14. For all the things that can go right, I look for a little wrong.
  15. For you to be you, I was not completely me.
  16. For the moments of being brutally honest, I was not sensitive.
  17. For the times you were being open, I was being closed.
  18. For all the laughter I have laughed, I had equal amount of tears.
  19. For the days when my heart aches excruciatingly, I strike pain into others.
  20. For all the hope I have in the world, I had little trust in others.
  21. For all the ways I hope to succeed, I focused on my failures.
  22. For all the ways I can change, I haven’t.
  23. For all the things I would like to do, I didn’t.
  24. For all the ways I can learn and grow, I should do so in the future.

I have a ways to go, but I should hope I make it there someday!




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