Where the Tigers play…

13 04 2009

So I returned to Clemson this weekend to spend quality time with friends and support the new recruits at the Spring Game. Orange & White had record attendance this year. I did not expect to see half of  Death Valley filled to the brim. In the past and present the only access was the North Stands, but this year people were overflowing into the South Stands (people like us). Of course we were scooted closer to The Hill in the weak attempt by event personnel and the one cop who was less than keen on running the stadium to wrangle the strays. It was a perfect 70+ degree day! The sky was clear and perfect for spending a day in the sun! A day I was waiting for a long time.



We stayed for the first half and headed towards The Esso. You just can’t beat an Esso afternoon. It’s funny, but I usually don’t get carded downtown except at a few bars that are off of side roads from College Ave. I won’t need to attempt to recollect my trail of Friday night, but you can imagine that I didn’t pull my id out except once. It was a huge surprise to me when I had been downtown and running tabs Saturday morning, to go to the game, and make it to The Esso where I just realize so far into the day that someone Sharpie-ed my id. I won’t describe into any detail the offense that had taken place. All in all, it’s nice to come home to the blanket of friends and it feels nice to put your feet up in the sunshine and just laugh.

Post script. If anything terrible would happen to anyone, it would happen to me. My strap totally failed on my favorite dress because a button popped and the strap in my recent gift of a Coach wristlet popped as well. The next day I looked at Thomas and said, “This almost made me cry last night!” Typical. I love Clemson, I love my friends, I love Friday nights!




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