Modus Operandi

mo·dus op·er·an·di

  1. A method of operating or functioning.
  2. A person’s manner of working.

Who is that girl that lives in The Villes?

“On the lookout for the next big thing because it would save a lot of problems of having to deal with the same old stuff.” (storypeople)

I am a twenty-something from the Low Country of South Carolina living in the smoky climes of Western North Carolina. Home, in the relative sense, is where the Blue Ridge yawns it’s greatness. by Marian PouchMy blood runs orange, through and through. I am a Clemson Alum with a B.A. in Communication Studies. Aside from the sterotypical archetypes that you may be drawing from a person who is from very proud places, I have a zest for life. Outside of the sundresses, madras and seersucker, the boat shoes and Jack Rogers, the Palmetto trees and crescent moons, pluff mud and oyster roasts , salt water and balmy nights, and obsessing over the greatness of being great-that many people feel entitled to impart on those they meet…

I am a walking hyperbole. I can be very outgoing and approachable, yet feel like I am a private recluse. I am very opinionated and honest to a fault. I am harsh and blunt, yet deliver it with a sense of humor. I seek to sympathize for humanity with my hands. I want to be involved with more NGOs that seek to improve the human plight in developing nations. I have been touched by the stories and lives of people who seek to build a life from the ruins they live in.

I, definitely, come from one of those families where you “know your role” and your role plays a part in the theatrics of our family show. We are a riot, I kid you not.

I am constantly boiling over with ideas. My effervescence for schemes tend to be contagious and I like my spontaneity planned, not stirred. I work at one of the most prolific PR firms in the country and it has yet to cease to amaze me in the many wonderful ways this company manages to grow and innovate! On our plate are clients that provide services toward sustainability and solutions in education through technology!

Enough about me, what’s new with you?


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