Weekend Review

19 04 2009

I must say that I am really disappointed that I have not been able to consistently update this blog. Life has been in overdrive lately and I can’t say that I hate the chaos either. However, here’s the brief.

Thursday my dad came up to help me move into my new apt. Thank goodness he came because I don’t think I really would have made my April 25th deadline. Much appreciation to Derek (@derekrva) for letting me cut into his work time and dealing with the heavy lifting. Ugh. I really hate moving. Next time we’re hiring movers. I love this apt but shooo, it was pretty crappy that there were stairs and oncoming traffic to deal with. 0417090822a

It’s beginning to come together and I hope to have my ducks squared away for a housewarming gathering this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ But I remind myself to be realistic because I am going to Clemson on Wednesday for the Communication Studies Career Panel and won’t be in Asheville until after lunch tomorrow.

I am still in Charleston, looking forward to a brief introduction in the morning. I am freshly laundered and re-stocked on goodies, so all is well. This weekend was entirely too much fun. It is 11 o’clock and I still have my Alhambra bracelet on. Granted I was on Cinderella curfew last night, which quickly turned into last call after a very long day. I am not sure of the time, when I tucked in, but I was woken up around 5:45 or 6 to shower. I sluggishly obliged and came out to my mom and said, “What am I wearing?” She hands me some clothes and everything was a blur. We drove to Augusta and I was finally able to sleep sometime around Columbia. I don’t think I laughed so hard this month or even last month. Megan and Katie were keeping me stitched up in hilarity between “3 o’clock girls at 1:30”, my running list in my moleskine, the business card swap, and Katie practically reading my thoughts and keeping my lips buttoned before I really embarrassed myself. I saw everyone I have ever known in the past 8-10 years in one weekend. Talk about a blast from the past. As I wrap up another week and my thoughts run together, I prepare for a month. Until my next mental break…


Outland: Charlotte, NC

13 04 2009

So after the Orange & White game, I packed the car up and headed to Charlotte to spend Easter with the Kakadelis’. It was nice to “come home” and not feel like I had to see anyone else. Everyone I needed to be with was under the same roof ๐Ÿ™‚ I love visiting them because they are the nicest people you’ll ever meet! We stayed up late catching up and then went to church at the Ballantyne Campus where some jokester decided to pull the fire alarm! The kids had to be collected and evacuated from the building and it became chaotic for everyone.ย  Thankfully, it was in between services and people were already out the door.

On the way back in we caught up with an old friend, who I had not seen since high school. Karl, Brittany, and I served on the Carolinas District Board of Key Club International. We were “do-gooders” to say the least. I believe we would have been flagged as some of the most notorious troublemakers in ourย  respective states ๐Ÿ™‚ It was great to be reunited, just like the old reunions we had outside of Key Club. You couldn’t write a better sequence for a movie, but Karl recognized another fellow Key Clubber in the parking lot. One that was in the Class of Lieutenant Governors before our term. From behind him appeared a wife. Surprise, surprise. Then his mother emerged between two cars with a baby! We were shocked and overly congratulatory to say the least. I promptly dialed our other mutual close friend in Phoenix and left the story onย  her voicemail. It was just intense that we saw 2 years of Key Club flash before our eyes in 5 mins. Life comes at you fast!

Anyways, the Kakadelis’ own Outland Cigar which boasts an elite club for gentlemen. Gentlemen such as Tom Petty who owns a Founders’ Locker for his personal entertainment at the Outland Lounge. They can set you up, nicely, with great gift ideas and help you try some new cigars like the Gurkha that I am more partial to. It is like a trip to Tommy Bahama-land ๐Ÿ™‚ There are two locations, one in Ballantyne and one on Piedmont Row near SouthPark Mall. The SouthPark location has great chocolates and will have the lounge nearly complete. If you’re looking for a place to play cards, enjoy some scotch, watch any golf, races, or games….Outland is the place for you! They do host some wives’ nights and ladies nights, but memberships are exclusive to gentlemen. Some local restaurants in the area are willing to deliver, so definitely check them out for a new place to meet or have casual business discussions!

0412091218Who knows who you’ll run into!

There is something about going home to Asheville. I’ll tell you what, the drive to Charleston is not scenic via I-26. However, the drive from Charleston to HHI through Beaufort, on Hwy 17, ranks on my top 5 views among Hwy 25…all the scenic routes lead to Asheville. It’s funny coming from Charlotte, driving into South Carolina, to get back into North Carolina. I can’t say that I mind it much when I get a preview of the Blue Ridge.


And then the ridgeline really comes up on you and takes your breath away ๐Ÿ™‚ I have gone through a whole bunch of mileage. Needless to say, I will be chasing it down with a trip to Charleston and day trip to Augusta this weekend. When this month ends, I will have some reprieve. I hope I can keep myself together for a few more weeks. Although, I find some comfort in the chaos. I have been training myself since high school to manage multiple schedules and attend conferences back-to-back. Maybe I am meant for a more chaotic future ahead of me. If that’s the case, I welcome it with open arms!

Where the Tigers play…

13 04 2009

So I returned to Clemson this weekend to spend quality time with friends and support the new recruits at the Spring Game. Orange & White had record attendance this year. I did not expect to see half ofย  Death Valley filled to the brim. In the past and present the only access was the North Stands, but this year people were overflowing into the South Stands (people like us). Of course we were scooted closer to The Hill in the weak attempt by event personnel and the one cop who was less than keen on running the stadium to wrangle the strays. It was a perfect 70+ degree day! The sky was clear and perfect for spending a day in the sun! A day I was waiting for a long time.



We stayed for the first half and headed towards The Esso. You just can’t beat an Esso afternoon. It’s funny, but I usually don’t get carded downtown except at a few bars that are off of side roads from College Ave. I won’t need to attempt to recollect my trail of Friday night, but you can imagine that I didn’t pull my id out except once. It was a huge surprise to me when I had been downtown and running tabs Saturday morning, to go to the game, and make it to The Esso where I just realize so far into the day that someone Sharpie-ed my id. I won’t describe into any detail the offense that had taken place. All in all, it’s nice to come home to the blanket of friends and it feels nice to put your feet up in the sunshine and just laugh.

Post script. If anything terrible would happen to anyone, it would happen to me. My strap totally failed on my favorite dress because a button popped and the strap in my recent gift of a Coach wristlet popped as well. The next day I looked at Thomas and said, “This almost made me cry last night!” Typical. I love Clemson, I love my friends, I love Friday nights!

On the other side of the table…

13 04 2009

I am greatly distraught over my lack of posts last week. April has really worked me. I am so blessed to have a full plate that is challenging me in new ways. (Un)fortunately I have been able to see lots of people and spend my weekends all over NC & SC, but the travel has quickly worn me down and I am completely exhausted. I am going to write mini-posts and try to catch up on last week. My sister complains, often, that I blog too long and she just gets so discouraged to read them and that words are not her friends.

Last Wednesday, April 8, I attended Clemson’s Communication Studies Career Launch. I was in a Clemson House ballroom with 4 other businesses seeking interns or new hires for the summer and fall. I have to say that it is really strange being on the other side of the table. I doubt my interviewing tactics were well planned, but I was glad to see friends and old classmates. It gave me great practice in speaking about my company succinctly. I met some great candidates and hope everyone finds what they are seeking. Out of the 10 resumes I was able to find 2 worthy candidates for our internship program. They will be having a phone interview on Wednesday and coming to the office on Friday. Business development seems to be growing at an rapid pace, so if you are seeking a great learning experience this summer send me your resume to christinalor@sensiblecity.com. Be sure to visit our freshly launched website at http://www.sensiblecity.com.

A drive to Clemson is one that I greatly anticipate. How can you not love driving on Hwy 25 through Travelers Rest and Easley? Especially on a day like this?


Stanley connects to Colorado!

30 03 2009

Stanley ready to leaveSo, I am preparing Stanley for another trip. My friend, Beth, has so graciously invited Stanley to join her in Colorado! She is very eager to take him skiing! I’ll be sure to include some pictures for Clarence’s classmates of Stanley’s brief stay in Asheville, NC. He will soon be in the Rockies and I am sure he will have so much to tell you when he returns next week!

The Adventures of Flat Stanley

30 03 2009

I was asked by my dear little brother, Clarence, to participate in his class project at Belle Hall Elementary.ย  He wrote me a letter asking to bring Stanley to “sights in your town” and to “plese mail him back […] when his trip is over.” For reference, Clarence is seven years old and in first grade!

Clarence's Stanley

Here is a picture of Stanley. He arrived in my post box in the course of the weekend, or perhaps last week. I am uncertain as to ascertain his accurate arrival until Clarence asked about him on Saturday. So, today Stanley begins his trip in Asheville, NC. I brought Stanley to work so he could see my office, at The Sensible City,ย  and people watch downtown. I work right in front of Pritchard Park so there is always interesting voices below my window. Unfortunately, it is very windy and I don’t think Stanley would like the weather.

Stanley at Sensible City

Do you have any suggestions on where I should bring Stanley this week? I wonder what stories he will bring back to Mt. Pleasant, SC…

Weekend Review.

25 03 2009

Forgive me for going so long without a new post! I should have began on Friday. I would have said this week has been a bust and I did nothing on my actual birthday, but my car is locked and loaded for the party train in Charleston. I would have written this post if I wasn’t about the pack up my desk and answer a phone call from a prospective teacher for an event that would have occurred this week. I spent the next 2 hours trying to salvage and save face, tying all the loose ends for a job —done. I can’t say well-done, because this yielded no results, but a job done as I was told would be apropos. Timestamp 2:00pm.

I hopped into my car and pass my exit, then I glance in my rearview mirror and think, My eyebrows are hideous! Must wax now! So I pull off to my spot off of Airport Rd., the very next exit. I clean up my caterpillars and think, I would love to get my nails done, too. Maybe not. I asked how long it would take and was told 30 mins. So I was thought, Why not? It’s my birthday! Timestamp 3:00pm.

As I progress closer to South Carolina, I am doing the mileage math for my ETA. I just about make it to Columbia when I received a text from Bo. He said, In town yet??? How about cocktails, now! At that moment, I wanted a cocktail because I began to stand still in traffic around I-20 on I-26. This was at 4:46pm. I thought I’m cutting it close, but I’ll have sometime to get ready. Except, I was in Columbia for 45 mins!

So I try to hustle and let everyone know I’m running late. I told them to keep the reservation at 8:00pm and say it’s a surprise if the hostess was in a hissy-fit! So I slid into N. Charleston around 7:00 and catch up on phone calls. Make it to Patriot’s Point around 7:15pm. However, they couldn’t locate my room. Then, I realized I was at the wrong hotel! So after being flummoxed at Patriot’s Point I piled my things back into my car to hit Magrath Darby and pull in to the Hampton Inn. Thank you Shalai! You are a dream. It is 7:30pm, at this point, and I am hopping in the shower with a towel around my head because no time could be spared to ask for a shower cap or deviate from my already tight schedule. By 8:00pm I was just putting on my face and ready to walk out the door with Shalai! We got to the restaurant at 8:30pm considering I only took 40 mins to get ready!

Dinner at Social was great, the bottles of wine between us were divine, and the company of my dear hearts were tender. We finally had everyone caught up and headed to the Blind Tiger! Of course there would be a wedding party in half of the bar so we weaved in and out to the patio. Eventually, the night caught up to us, Ashley and I danced with the wedding group then some of my girlfriends wanted to take me out for some shots. We parted with the other half of our group and ventured to Wasabi’s. Basically, met up with some other friends and saw some familiar faces from Clemson. Tootsie roll, sake, and jager bomb put me in an overly good mood. Then I was swept away to the Saloon. A tourist trap, that I would never otherwise go into if it weren’t for the novelty of a birthday (or bachelorette party). Somehow we fought our way to the bar after having drinks spilled on us. Some strange man picked me up and put me on the bar. I heard my name over the speakers and realized I was being poured Jager from the bottle. In my classiest of outfits! Let’s just say I looked like something off of Upper King and look ill-fitted for my Market St. environment. We soon called it a night.

Then, my phone died. I didn’t bring the charger. I went to Ashley & George’s on Saturday morning after breakfast. There I discovered Shalai’s status that said, Hectic: I am not celebrating another Christina L. birthday every again. Soon after that we made plans so that I wouldn’t be disconnected and took baby Lord Hunley, their precious boykin baby, to my house to pick up Clarence, my precious baby brother, to head over to Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island. We all met at Poe’s for snacks and beers, sweet tea for the little one then I went to Verizon to beg for them to charge my phone for me. I had enough charge to get by for the day and some of the night. In the end, it was hopeless. I spent Sunday with the family eating all day and hanging out at my Aunt & Uncle’s condo. Headed back to Asheville around 8 and got home at midnight. I immediately rushed to the last place I left my charger and found it not there.

It was in my car the entire weekend in my work bag! Uggghhhh….

Post script. I had a speeding ticket from my travels to Edisto Island, last month. I got sick on Monday and went home to bed so I could nip the cold in the bud. Tuesday, I just realized I needed a money order. So I went to get Twilight on my movie pass and dipped into Earthfare to see if they issued MOs so I could be efficient. They don’t, FYI. So I went to Ingles to pick up a few things and get the money order situated. Except, I couldn’t find the inconspicuous envelope with my speeding ticket, money and debit card! I left my things at self-check and said I would return after checking with Customer Service. So I called Earthfare and went back to the parking lot to scour the store and had half of the shopping public in Arden looking for my ridiculousness. I turned my car over, moved the seats, emptied bags, rifled through Education Week and the Charleston Fashion Week supplement. Until I retraced my steps and leaned over my console, did I find said inconspicuous envelope in the passenger side door. A door that I opened four times and could not find. I feel like my angel was playing tricks on me. So I returned to Ingles to gather my things and retrieve my money order to send in the mail today. Today is the day before my court date so I had to call and say it was in the mail and plead not to hold me in contempt of court. Anyone going to the City of Charleston Municipal Court or know Officer Comer personally? Tell them, it’s in the post!