Where the Tigers play…

13 04 2009

So I returned to Clemson this weekend to spend quality time with friends and support the new recruits at the Spring Game. Orange & White had record attendance this year. I did not expect to see half of  Death Valley filled to the brim. In the past and present the only access was the North Stands, but this year people were overflowing into the South Stands (people like us). Of course we were scooted closer to The Hill in the weak attempt by event personnel and the one cop who was less than keen on running the stadium to wrangle the strays. It was a perfect 70+ degree day! The sky was clear and perfect for spending a day in the sun! A day I was waiting for a long time.



We stayed for the first half and headed towards The Esso. You just can’t beat an Esso afternoon. It’s funny, but I usually don’t get carded downtown except at a few bars that are off of side roads from College Ave. I won’t need to attempt to recollect my trail of Friday night, but you can imagine that I didn’t pull my id out except once. It was a huge surprise to me when I had been downtown and running tabs Saturday morning, to go to the game, and make it to The Esso where I just realize so far into the day that someone Sharpie-ed my id. I won’t describe into any detail the offense that had taken place. All in all, it’s nice to come home to the blanket of friends and it feels nice to put your feet up in the sunshine and just laugh.

Post script. If anything terrible would happen to anyone, it would happen to me. My strap totally failed on my favorite dress because a button popped and the strap in my recent gift of a Coach wristlet popped as well. The next day I looked at Thomas and said, “This almost made me cry last night!” Typical. I love Clemson, I love my friends, I love Friday nights!


On the other side of the table…

13 04 2009

I am greatly distraught over my lack of posts last week. April has really worked me. I am so blessed to have a full plate that is challenging me in new ways. (Un)fortunately I have been able to see lots of people and spend my weekends all over NC & SC, but the travel has quickly worn me down and I am completely exhausted. I am going to write mini-posts and try to catch up on last week. My sister complains, often, that I blog too long and she just gets so discouraged to read them and that words are not her friends.

Last Wednesday, April 8, I attended Clemson’s Communication Studies Career Launch. I was in a Clemson House ballroom with 4 other businesses seeking interns or new hires for the summer and fall. I have to say that it is really strange being on the other side of the table. I doubt my interviewing tactics were well planned, but I was glad to see friends and old classmates. It gave me great practice in speaking about my company succinctly. I met some great candidates and hope everyone finds what they are seeking. Out of the 10 resumes I was able to find 2 worthy candidates for our internship program. They will be having a phone interview on Wednesday and coming to the office on Friday. Business development seems to be growing at an rapid pace, so if you are seeking a great learning experience this summer send me your resume to christinalor@sensiblecity.com. Be sure to visit our freshly launched website at http://www.sensiblecity.com.

A drive to Clemson is one that I greatly anticipate. How can you not love driving on Hwy 25 through Travelers Rest and Easley? Especially on a day like this?


Spreading the Virus. (A little ironic, for me, this week)

26 03 2009

Visit the Intern Queen. I was quoted on her blog. Scroll down. See there? @skimtheocean…yes! That’s me!

Today’s post is about high schoolers seeking internships. I have been actively involved (in my short time) with online social networking, not just out of education (cheers to Dr. V), or just out of professional practice (Sensible City embraces online social media), but because of the appreciation for how it has boosted my online presence and given me credibility as a person. I interact with hundreds of people daily who are sharing tidbits of information I pass along, stop by to read my blog, or provide me with vital information that aids me in pitching a media market! Anyway…

I was more than happy to express my fervor for the internship. I was fascinated by Clemson’s policy for Architecture students and Graphic Communication majors to get outside experience Abroad and in their free time from school. Even Packaging Science students have at least 1 co-op in their college career. I never really grasped that until the end of  my Communication Studies degree. Partially, because I have been fearful and not well prepared to see how it would be beneficial to me. That type of thinking won’t get you anywhere. Embrace curiosity and explore the unknown.

Dr. V can vouch, for me, that I was stubborn in my studies. The archaic Communication Studies program embraces thesis papers, and it’s like coming out of the dark for the first time, when she presented us with this plethora of knowledge. Comm Students, far and wide, would joke that Clemson’s program tried to crank out little professors. In practice; however, we are discovering these tools of online social media in the workplace. I am so embarrassed to say that I walked up to the plate not bringing anything to the table and I learned about these valuable tools in 2007! I always remind myself to be mindful and to continue teetering on the edge of innovation.

What I am trying to get at, is that you…Yes, you. I’m talking to Nicholas, Darline, Erica, Emily, and anyone else in high school. Put yourself out there, either online or in the world. Reach for internships and create your own personal brand in high school. Time is precious, time is money, time is wasted. We have heard all of these things before. I hope someone can grasp the need to “up the ante” because competition will be the driving motivation for you to think outside of the box before the next guy in math class beats you to it! The concept of an “internship” should not be lost you, the young ones. You should garner as much experience with the outlook of secondary education skyrocketing in cost and the possibility of shorter matriculation in college. Who knows, it may be a new way to weed-out college applicants. INTERN, INTERN, INTERN! I know I just collected my thoughts on way too many things today, but I hope you can follow the parallels of narrow thinking and open your mind a little more.

Plus, most internships are unpaid. So why not, get as much free work out of the way while you’re in your parents home? Trust me, graduating with a B.A. and working for stipend and 1 unpaid apprenticeship (my past life at a letterpress studio) was not exactly what my parents had in mind for a Clemson graduate. Go Tigers, nonetheless! To my audience, always learn from the mistakes of others! It will save you a lot of trouble in the future. The competition is getting younger and you are all smarter compared to the cronies that are looking at retirement. Utilize your skills and compete. Yesterday is the day where community service was competitive. The kindness of your heart will only get you so far. It is now the time of practical knowledge, so go out there and get it!

Post script. I am sitting in my office alone. Ian is hob-knobbing with Urban Re:vision in San Fran. Amy has an injured son. Ashley Sue is sick. Kimberly came to work and left sick. IT’S ALL MY FAULT for spreading the virus. Get it, get it? Ok, I’m done.

It’s a snow day. I am at work.

2 03 2009

Looks like 5 inches out there. I am wearing spandex and knee highs under my jeans tucked into rain boots. A tee shirt, under a sweater, under a hoodie, with a scarf, hat, and gloves. Shoo…I feel great! Scraped the ice off my truck and turned the defrost all the way up to get things going. This is definitely a new weather pattern we are experiencing. Driving back from Clemson was intense. The rain was non-stop. When I made it to Hwy 25, I kept passing cars with heaps of snow on them. I was wondering, at the time, if it was a new development or just the best weekend to be out of town. Well, eventually the rain turned into snow as I was ascending in altitude and getting closer to North Carolina. All of a sudden I was being pelted with snowflakes. Definitely one of the more enjoyable drives I have had in a while.

So, today I spent thirty minutes scraping ice and plowing snow off of the hood. I didn’t have any more desire to “play” in the snow or build snow creatures. Just breaking my way into my igloo of a car was “fun” enough for me.

sunday reflections

1 03 2009

I woke up to sounds of the sky dumping the ocean on our ears. I mean it has been raining nonstop for however long. I woke up on CP’s couch with a stolen blanket and a pile of laundry. I can’t even begin wrapping my head around everything we did and everywhere we went. Old haunts like Tigertown Tavern and Loose Change, Wingin’ It and 356. I can’t wait for the Spring Game and some MTV’s at the Esso. That is meat and three’s if you were not aware.

My inside source has an inside source that said Kyle Parker maybe starting, instead of Willy Korn. Drama, super drama. Stay tuned to see how that unfolds. 🙂 My source just interjected that rando fact as I am sitting here typing this entry.

On another note, it’s March! 2009 seems to be getting better and better for me. I will be 24 in 18 days, I am not particularly pumped or fearful. Now I am collecting my thoughts to work and thinking that I need to:

  1. Pitch Nashville media
  2. Pitch DC media for Capitol Hill Tech Day
  3. Prepare questions and schedule interviews to create podcasts
  4. Start sifting through news clips for this month’s report
  5. Get details ready for upcoming events in TX and TN

Ughhhh…it never ends. I feel like I can never catch up. Well I am hoping to get the biggest bowl of noodle soup at my favorite little hole in the wall in Greenville. Then head up Hwy 25 back to Asheville.

I came to tailgate, inside/outside, now/later, NO MATTER WHAT!

28 02 2009

I had planned on it being sunny in Clemson. To no avail I woke up to rain, fog, precipitation. All of it. Regardless, I had a list.

  1. Go to the dealership, get the oil changed, and rotate tires.
  2. Get a spare key to the condo cut for the realtor.
  3. Wake CP up.
  4. Find Michael.

Needless, to say I just about did everything. I am sitting here waiting on CP to return from Fike (the gym facility on campus) and Michael to wake up. I’m working up quite the appetite and thirst. Pulling into Clemson is a great feeling because it’s only an hour and half from where I live. It is my personal neverland because few things cease to change. The feeling is somewhat nostalgic, but also as if it were my own hey day and I had never left. Sure not many friends remain, but having the luxury of coming back and it still being the same is great! Newsflash: there is a Bojangles in front of Bi-Lo. It’s about dang time. Over and out, 10-4, 9-er…I’m off to have copious amounts of intoxicating libations and I probably won’t reprieve all day. I def don’t get enough of this in the “real world” or my “day job”.  This is nice. Cheers everyone and GO TIGERS!!!!