My lists have lists…

4 04 2009

desktopMust be spring because my lists have been getting it on for some days now! This week has uncovered workplace emotions that have I have not really felt until this week. It has been a great exercise for my brain, but at a certain point on Friday my brain just stopped. I was looking at these phone call notes and trying to work on “inbox zero” and I couldn’t make anymore productive decisions. I think the moment I committed to bring the maxi-load of laundry home and jump in the car to Charleston did my day end right there. On the 4 hour drive home I was re-thinking phone conversations, to-do lists, and course of action for Monday. Today I offered to take the kids out to Sullivan’s Island and I’m thinking my time is running out to prepare for the next week. But I owe it to them, on Spring Break, and to myself to turn the brain off and just soak in the sun. So that is what I am doing today. I left my phone charger at home with the Slumdog Millionaire disc I had intended on bringing home for my mom. I was glazing over a book in bed, this morning, did I overhear my mom say,”She left the the disc at home” and my brother say, “She always leaves something.” I better pack the movie case now so I can return it to Blockbuster. Oh and I better grab the jacket I left on my birthday weekend, while I’m at it…


Stanley connects to Colorado!

30 03 2009

Stanley ready to leaveSo, I am preparing Stanley for another trip. My friend, Beth, has so graciously invited Stanley to join her in Colorado! She is very eager to take him skiing! I’ll be sure to include some pictures for Clarence’s classmates of Stanley’s brief stay in Asheville, NC. He will soon be in the Rockies and I am sure he will have so much to tell you when he returns next week!

The Adventures of Flat Stanley

30 03 2009

I was asked by my dear little brother, Clarence, to participate in his class project at Belle Hall Elementary.  He wrote me a letter asking to bring Stanley to “sights in your town” and to “plese mail him back […] when his trip is over.” For reference, Clarence is seven years old and in first grade!

Clarence's Stanley

Here is a picture of Stanley. He arrived in my post box in the course of the weekend, or perhaps last week. I am uncertain as to ascertain his accurate arrival until Clarence asked about him on Saturday. So, today Stanley begins his trip in Asheville, NC. I brought Stanley to work so he could see my office, at The Sensible City,  and people watch downtown. I work right in front of Pritchard Park so there is always interesting voices below my window. Unfortunately, it is very windy and I don’t think Stanley would like the weather.

Stanley at Sensible City

Do you have any suggestions on where I should bring Stanley this week? I wonder what stories he will bring back to Mt. Pleasant, SC…

Week in review

13 03 2009

Hello, hello…

Things have been hectic between work, 24/7 concierge service to my family, and apt hunting my brain has seen little reprieve. Even watching a movie has equated to laborsome thinking towards dwindling clean clothes and dishes that remain in the sink. No worries the laundry will be resolved tomorrow and the dishes were done yesterday. As for the family vacation I can say, “Phhheeewww!” We have accomodations and flights all at an amazing rate for a group of 10+. So we’ll all be chasing the moon from the Pacific come June!

I must say that I have no idea what is going on with my internal clock. I have been waking up at 5 am and failing to fall into deep sleep for the past three days. It’s catching up to me so I fail to see how I can stay out much later than 8:00 tonight. I am going to wrap a few things up and head to the Rankin Vault for a birthday fiesta. Then home promptly to turn in and get my life in order this weekend. Ergo, taxes…

Highlight from this week  was having Huevos Rancheros from Sunny Point Cafe, in West Asheville, some of the best huevos in town! Molly and I decided to go for a hearty breakfast as soon as they opened, at 8:30 am. Sunny Point was a few minutes behind and so we sat in my car for a few minutes. I looked at her and said, “Oh gawd, stripey pants! Are those Gap?” I was wearing my navy cotton slacks with pin stripes and she was wearing the identical pair in white with blue pin stripes. Molly replied,”From 10 years ago”, and I quipped,”Did we just fall into the Gap? We just fell into the Gap!” It was much funnier in person, but at the time I knew I had to blog about it.

My brain hurts, I think I need to retreat for some sleep. Have a good weekend all and I look forward to posting more next week!