On the other side of the table…

13 04 2009

I am greatly distraught over my lack of posts last week. April has really worked me. I am so blessed to have a full plate that is challenging me in new ways. (Un)fortunately I have been able to see lots of people and spend my weekends all over NC & SC, but the travel has quickly worn me down and I am completely exhausted. I am going to write mini-posts and try to catch up on last week. My sister complains, often, that I blog too long and she just gets so discouraged to read them and that words are not her friends.

Last Wednesday, April 8, I attended Clemson’s Communication Studies Career Launch. I was in a Clemson House ballroom with 4 other businesses seeking interns or new hires for the summer and fall. I have to say that it is really strange being on the other side of the table. I doubt my interviewing tactics were well planned, but I was glad to see friends and old classmates. It gave me great practice in speaking about my company succinctly. I met some great candidates and hope everyone finds what they are seeking. Out of the 10 resumes I was able to find 2 worthy candidates for our internship program. They will be having a phone interview on Wednesday and coming to the office on Friday. Business development seems to be growing at an rapid pace, so if you are seeking a great learning experience this summer send me your resume to christinalor@sensiblecity.com. Be sure to visit our freshly launched website at http://www.sensiblecity.com.

A drive to Clemson is one that I greatly anticipate. How can you not love driving on Hwy 25 through Travelers Rest and Easley? Especially on a day like this?



6 Minutes with Van Jones, an Urban RE:visionary

31 03 2009

Cheers to Van Jones, the new Green Jobs Czar! I love how Van says “You have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough. You need a crisis.” We are on the brink of a new future, a green future! Van is the burgeoning voice that will lead us to into our more sustainable economy! Human technology is capable of releasing creativity and excitement, we are truly on the brink of an ecstatic and ever-changing era! Please share this with your friends and family, change is on its way, like Van says, “connection, redemption….it’s about us finding each other again, believing each other, helping each other, and holding each other and that being the basis of not just the economic recovery, but the human recovery.”

I just want to you let you know that Van Jones and David Gottfried are not clients of ours. However, Van serves on the Board of Directors on Urban Revision, who is our client. Urban Revision offers to provide solutions to what Van is talking about. The competitions are collecting designs to implement in a fully-sustainable city block.

Feb. 20, 2009: Season 1, Episode 1

26 02 2009

Hi, I know it’s not February 20 anymore, but for this blog it was the conception of an idea. It has taken me 6 days to pen thoughts to blog. This is not real time.

The short end of it is, Molly was packing up her desk and she said, “This is sad”. I replied, “Oh my gosh, this is like on The Hills when Whitney goes off to NY and Lauren is saying goodbye to her in LA! Except I am Lauren because you’re leaving me and you’ll be making more chedda than me.” Molly was an intern, like Lauren was, and I had been around this sensible block for 7 months. Regardless, our characters were juxtapositioned and she left me. She left me thinking…I should write a blog about my life in The Villes. Why is Asheville near Burnesville and Weaverville and Hendersonville?
So here I am, writing a blog about my “new” life in Asheville. New is such a relative term, I have been living here since the end of June 08. It just sunk in–I live here. Granted, I am from Charleston, another magical place where there is some beat in the city to chase…and detoured to Clemson, Go Tigers! So from here, I may travel in retrospect to some stories of yesteryear. I did write a blog in 08, but that died when I took vacation leave from my job called life, or lack thereof–some call it “unemployed”, and went to California and Hawaii. Essentially, it was a major turning point in my existence and I just haven’t caught up to recording my life story. My other blog was weak sauce anyways because I was dissecting emotions and figuring out my niche in the neighborhood of life.

I hope to improve on communicating my thoughts, sharing my stories, and touching a nerve with someone in the great open. Life here ain’t no beach, but is it really ever??