It’s a snow day. I am at work.

2 03 2009

Looks like 5 inches out there. I am wearing spandex and knee highs under my jeans tucked into rain boots. A tee shirt, under a sweater, under a hoodie, with a scarf, hat, and gloves. Shoo…I feel great! Scraped the ice off my truck and turned the defrost all the way up to get things going. This is definitely a new weather pattern we are experiencing. Driving back from Clemson was intense. The rain was non-stop. When I made it to Hwy 25, I kept passing cars with heaps of snow on them. I was wondering, at the time, if it was a new development or just the best weekend to be out of town. Well, eventually the rain turned into snow as I was ascending in altitude and getting closer to North Carolina. All of a sudden I was being pelted with snowflakes. Definitely one of the more enjoyable drives I have had in a while.

So, today I spent thirty minutes scraping ice and plowing snow off of the hood. I didn’t have any more desire to “play” in the snow or build snow creatures. Just breaking my way into my igloo of a car was “fun” enough for me.