The Adventures of Flat Stanley

30 03 2009

I was asked by my dear little brother, Clarence, to participate in his class project at Belle Hall Elementary.  He wrote me a letter asking to bring Stanley to “sights in your town” and to “plese mail him back […] when his trip is over.” For reference, Clarence is seven years old and in first grade!

Clarence's Stanley

Here is a picture of Stanley. He arrived in my post box in the course of the weekend, or perhaps last week. I am uncertain as to ascertain his accurate arrival until Clarence asked about him on Saturday. So, today Stanley begins his trip in Asheville, NC. I brought Stanley to work so he could see my office, at The Sensible City,  and people watch downtown. I work right in front of Pritchard Park so there is always interesting voices below my window. Unfortunately, it is very windy and I don’t think Stanley would like the weather.

Stanley at Sensible City

Do you have any suggestions on where I should bring Stanley this week? I wonder what stories he will bring back to Mt. Pleasant, SC…




2 responses

30 03 2009

Stanley looks like the conservative type! Not sure asheville is for him 🙂

18 04 2009
Sensible City

For a minute there I was jealous of Stanley and then I realized I look out that window every day:)

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